★★★★ 4 Stars - ‘Corey White's Roadmap To Paradise’ (ABC, 2015)
Bridget McManus, Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★☆ 4.5 Stars - ‘Meatwork’ (ABC, 2012) 
Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ 4 Stars – ‘Nanette’ (Netflix, 2018) 
Jane Howard, The Guardian

“... it's not just the show's subject matter that makes for a unique viewing experience — it's the visual style, too.” Alexis Nedd, Mashable

" ...i have never, ever, ever. experienced something like that through a screen ... i never paused... " @kaitlynzw on twitter

Meet the producer who bought Hannah Gadsyb’s ‘Nanette’ to Netflis - Alexis Nedd, 07/30/2018 Mashable

Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette dares to dream of a different future - for ourselves and for comedy - Jane Howard, 06/26/2018 The Guardian
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